Divorce is messy. 

Your children's future 
doesn't need to be.

Meet Dr. Erica Ellis

Dr. Erica Ellis is a licensed psychologist, best-selling author, and a leading global expert on child centered divorce. After working with over 1,000 divorcing families over the past 30 years, she has discovered the crucial steps that every parent must take to protect their children and create a healthy future for their entire family. 

Dr. Ellis is a child of divorce herself and is deeply passionate about helping divorcing parents avoid the mistakes her parents and so many others have made. She created Child Centered Divorce Journey because she was heartbroken by the number of children who walked into her office who were badly damaged by their parents’ divorce. It is her goal to prevent this pain before it ever happens. 

With her unique approach to divorce, Dr. Ellis has helped countless families navigate the divorce process in a way that reduces conflict, stress, and uncertainty, and sets the children up for a lifetime of healthy relationships, emotional stability, and personal success - while saving a ton of money in the process. 

Our Mission:

To help parents protect their kids from the unnecessary long-term damage that so many children of divorce experience - and save thousands of dollars in legal and therapy bills along the way.

How We Can Help

Our comprehensive academy for protecting your kids from divorce-related damage. 
Learn to disarm your ex and equip yourself with tools that protect you and your children from additional damage
Get personalized coaching and strategy for your unique situation from the leading expert in child centered divorce
Download the Free Child Centered Divorce Starter Kit
Inside the free Starter Kit, Dr. Erica Ellis will introduce you to a 7-Step framework that will protect you and your children from the devastating trauma divorce can bring. 
Things You'll Learn Inside
The Starter Kit
Dr. Ellis' 7-Step PROTECT System gives you a proven framework for rising above your difficult emotions,
reinventing your co-parenting relationship, and building a thriving post-divorce future
  • It Only Takes One
    It's completely possible to create a healthy post-divorce without waiting for your ex to make child-centered decisions. The power is in your hands!
      • Emotion Management
        Divorce brings up many difficult emotions. Learning to effectively manage them is crucial to being the present and supportive parent you want to be.
        • A New Co-Parenting Framework
          You and your ex-spouse will always be connected through your children. The ability to create a new type of relationship with your ex is the key to a conflict-free future. 
        • The "Out-Of-Court" Solution
          Going to court is both financially and emotionally costly. With the right strategy, you can resolve most of your issues outside of the courtroom.
          • Coping Mechanisms for Your Kids
            Every child will deal with the challenges of divorce differently. Creating effective coping strategies is one of your most important responsibilities as a parent.
            •  Avoiding Parenting Mistakes
              The Bill of Rights for Children of Divorce will help you commit to parenting best-practices and keep your children out of the middle of your conflicts. 
              "Working with Erica was really a pleasure. She was able to very quickly assess the situation and cut through a lot of the difficult emotions that my son’s father and I both had that were going to hinder the negotiation process or slow us down. She was able to keep us focused on what the best needs of our son are."

              Saima A.
              Former client
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